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28 Sep 2022

Measure 49
By CHP Staff

The Cultural Arts and Diversity Center proposed Measure 49 to establish a new $5.25 fee per student, per quarter that would support student-directed cultural arts performances and campus-wide cultural organizations. These programs include UCSC’s award-winning Rainbow Theater and the African American Theater Troupe. A vote of yes on Measure 49 would create permanent funding for these programs and generate approximately $234,486 in its first year.

Funds raised through this fee would be governed by a board of directors with a student majority and would be used to bring in nationally recognized cultural performers and speakers. These events would be offered free of charge and open to all students. In addition, this fee would support the purchase of state-of-the-art performance equipment to be used by cultural arts and diversity organizations in cooperation with the Stevenson Event Center.

The fee would begin fall quarter of 2011 and includes a return-to-aid component that ensures that 33 percent of all fees collected will cover the cost of the fee for students on financial aid. The amount returned to financial aid would be approximately $77,380 per year.

The Student Fee Advisory Committee supports Measure 49 because “it supports a unique program focused on direct services to students and helps retain a diverse, cultural and artistic program on the UCSC campus.”

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