Editors’ Note Regarding Candidate Forum


In the print edition of the article “Candidates Gather for On-Campus Forum,” City on a Hill Press mischaracterized the effects of an amendment to Measure O. It did so in a text box connected to Candidate Donna Meyers’ response to a question regarding the amendment.

The decrease in the affordable housing requirement was applied to areas outside of downtown Santa Cruz, not downtown itself. The downtown requirement is unchanged.

We apologize to Candidate Meyers for this error, which misrepresented her knowledge on the topic and validity of her answer to the question.

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Laretta Johnson is co-editor in chief at City on a Hill Press. Before this, she wore many hats within City on a Hill, starting as a copy editor and working as copy chief, opinions editor, city news editor and campus news editor (at different times) over the past year and a half. She sees journalism that helps people understand things, whether it’s a portion of a complicated bureaucracy or the way systems of power function within the UC, as a way to help facilitate change. Beyond the walls of the Student Media Center, Laretta can be found riding her bike around town, cooking food with her 11 housemates, journaling, going on long neighborhood walks or convincing herself one more cup of coffee isn’t a bad idea.