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24 May 2020



Being a member of City on a Hill Press requires enrollment in a 2 or 5-unit course. Positions at City on a Hill Press: news reporters, fact checkers, copy editors, layout designers, photographers, illustrators, graphic artists and videographers.

Read Frequently Asked Questions here.

Application Details

If you are interested in applying, please send an email including the following information and a resume to Please title the subject line “[Quarter, Year] Application.” Your email may get lost if this is not the subject line. 

» Full Name:
» Major:
» Expected Graduation Date:
» Contact information (phone and email):
» If applying to be a reporter, what desk are you interested in? (list top 2 choices out of campus, city or arts & culture)
» Please list relevant experience (if applicable).
» Why are you interested in joining CHP?
» Please include a writing sample, if applying for writing position (preferably journalism. If not, academic).
» If applying for an illustrator, photographer, videographer or designer position, please include a portfolio.
» Link to the most recent article you’ve read (any publication or website)

Thank you for your interest in applying!