City on a Hill Press is the student-run newspaper at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Our primary goal is to report and analyze issues affecting the student population and the Santa Cruz community.

City on a Hill Press also serves to watchdog the politics of the UC administration. While we endeavor to present multiple sides of a story, we realize our own outlooks influence the presentation of the news. The City on a Hill Press (CHP) collective is dedicated to covering underreported events, ideas and voices. Our desks are devoted to certain topics: campus and city news, sports, arts and culture, opinion and editorial. CHP is a campus paper, but it also provides space for Santa Cruz residents to present their views and interact with the campus community. Ideally, CHP’s pages will serve as an arena for debate, challenge, and ultimately, change.



Being a member of City on a Hill Press requires enrollment in a 2 or 5-unit course. We’re currently accepting applications for spring quarter 2020! Applications are due by March 8.

Positions at City on a Hill Press: news reporters, fact checkers, copy editors, layout designers, photographers, illustrators, graphic artists and videographers.

News reporting desks at City on a Hill Press: Campus, City, and Arts & Culture

Read Frequently Asked Questions here.

Class Time Requirements

Class times will be determined around week 7 or 8. 

Application Details

If you are interested in applying, please send an email including the following information and a resume to Please title the subject line “Spring 2020 Application.” Your email may get lost if this is not the subject line. 

» Full Name:
» Major:
» Expected Graduation Date:
» Contact information (phone and email):
» If applying to be a reporter, what desk are you interested in? (list top 2 choices out of campus, city or arts & culture)
» Please list relevant experience (if applicable).
» Why are you interested in joining CHP?
» Please include a writing sample, if applying for writing position (preferably journalism. If not, academic).
» If applying for an illustrator, photographer, videographer or designer position, please include a portfolio.
» Link to the most recent article you’ve read (any publication or website)

Thank you for your interest in applying! We will be reviewing applications and reaching out to qualified applicants by mid-March.