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29 May 2020

Modi Must Be Stopped 

The origins of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Islamophobia stretch back further than his election in 2014. Further, even, than his time as chief minister of the state of Gujarat.  Modi’s Islamophobic worldview can be traced to his enrollment in the volunteer paramilitary organization Rashtriya…



In August, Illinois passed a law requiring public schools to incorporate LGBTQIA+ history into their curricula. It’s the third state to pass such legislation this year, following New Jersey in February and Colorado in May. California has had a similar law in place since 2011….


My Trans Experience 

By Julian Hodge *This column contains reference to self-harm. Ever since I came out as transgender nonbinary in high school, I hear things from people like, “you are so chill for a trans person” or “you’re the only trans person I like to hang out…