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02 Dec 2022

Interviews with SUA Officers 

SUA Chair Candidate Julie Foster SUA Chair Candidate Brad Mleynek SUA Chair Candidate Shubhankar Sharan SUA Internal Vice Chair candidates SUA Organizing Director candidates SUA Commissioner of Diversity candidates Commissioner of Academic Affairs candidate Seamus Howard


Acquirefest Takes The Stage 

“Every group is different,” said fourth-year Acquire member Michel Gellad. “They all have their own identity, so it’s nice to bring together all the different groups onto one stage.” The natural follow-up to that statement is, “So, what’s Acquire’s identity?” Multiple members of the group…


Out of Service 

For the first couple of weeks, Laura Harrison thought it would get fixed. “Elevators go out. It’s a normal thing,” she would say to herself and her colleagues working out of the College Eight academic building. As days turned to months, Harrison saw no signs…


A New Way to Think About Leadership 

Students and staff were looking for a theory to match the work they were already doing in their SOMeCA organizations — student-run organizing in the truest sense, operating under unorthodox methods of leadership. After looking through dozens of models, the Action Research Group (ARG) found…

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