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26 May 2020

Illuminating Support for Immigrants 

Threats of deportation are intensifying across the nation. Local organization Sanctuary Santa Cruz recognized increasing tension in undocumented communities with a candlelit vigil held at the downtown Santa Cruz Town Clock on Dec. 2. “It’s important for us as a community to share that we…


Film’s Systemic Failures 

The chief creative officer of Pixar is one of the latest perpetrators of sexual assault in accusations that have been ripping through the entertainment industry since Harvey Weinstein was accused mid-October. This person is John Lasseter, director of “A Bug’s Life,” who is being accused…

Arts & Culture

What Does it Take to be on Haluan? 

Dancers mirrored one another’s fluid torso twists or moved with eyes closed and headphones on, whipping out sharp movements at the Haluan Hip-Hop Dance Troupe auditions. When hip-hop music began blasting, students organized themselves into formations for the moment they had been practicing for. The…