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24 Sep 2022

Ready, Set, Thesis 

What does an albatross mating dance look like? Can dark matter be heard? What do Soviet coal miners have to do with social change and democratic  participation?  UC Santa Cruz graduate students had three minutes each to give the answers. The Kuumbwa Jazz Center was…


Imperialism in the Aisles 

              Anyone who has been to Trader Joe’s will recognize its 19th century periodical style illustrations. These historical cartoons are meant to be comical, but their subtext is dark. From popcorn to paper towels, recognizing the history of imperialism…


25 Years of Rainbow Theatre 

Twenty-five years, 125 performances, endless applause. Rainbow Theatre’s 25th season opens with “Stop Kiss” and “Coloured Museum” — two plays that grapple with identity politics and the violence of oppression. A troupe housed by the Cultural Arts and Diversity Resource Center, Rainbow Theatre celebrates diversity…


Respect the Land 

The Amah Mutsun creation story tells that in the beginning, the world was water. Creator placed hawk, hummingbird and eagle on a sacred peak in the Santa Cruz Mountain Range, Mount Umunhum, to form the world we see today. Creator formed humans last with special…

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