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06 Aug 2020

Founding Activism at UCSC 

Before sociology professor Walter Goldfrank arrived to teach at UC Santa Cruz in 1968, he was already actively engaged in the movements shaping American counterculture. In fact, weeks prior to his arrival he was in Mississippi participating in the Civil Rights Movement. Goldfrank was attracted…


Learning to Heal 

Jeffrey Sun came to college certain he wanted to help professional athletes as a sports medicine physician. However, with limited internships and no medical center on the UC Santa Cruz campus, it’s hard for students like Sun to gain hands-on training before graduate school. Now…


The Unexpected Rise of Trump 

Despite the controversial remarks defining his campaign, Donald Trump is no longer just an irrelevant, comical buffoon who spews ignorant statements. Last week, he won 35 percent of Republican votes in the New Hampshire primaries, which makes a point — he’s now a relevant and…



Mav’Rik, the Santa Cruz Warriors mascot, was one of the thousands of Warriors fans attending Pajama Night on Jan. 22. Two thousand pajama-clad fans ditched their bedtime routines to fill Kaiser Permanente Arena on Friday night. The late night was worth it — fans left…