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19 Sep 2020

Driven to Donate 

Derek DeMarco received a phone call indicating he was a potential bone marrow donor seven years after he registered. DeMarco, the Crown College coordinator for residential education, is a part of the 8 percent of the small pool of potential matches who have the chance…


What Can You Create in 46 Hours? 

  Mark Adams and other organizers went door-to-door, to every computer science class on campus, to find participants for the first annual UC Santa Cruz hackathon last year. One year later, Adams doesn’t have to knock on any doors; roughly 300 students, compared to last…


The Film Department’s Reel Deal 

Film and digital media at UC Santa Cruz teaches students more than the typical shooting, editing and production aspects of film. After UCSC’s film department was ranked No. 7 for Best Bachelor’s Program for Film, Video and Photographic Arts by College Factual, UCSC was also…