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11 Jul 2020

Wildcat Strike For a COLA Escalates 

The deadline for grades to be submitted at UC Santa Cruz came and went as graduate student strikers continue demanding a cost of living adjustment (COLA). As part of their campaign, hundreds of graduate students have vowed not to submit grades until the university meets…


An Analysis of the Democratic Debate 

The Candidates in Descending Polling Order Former Vice President Joe Biden Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) Mayor Pete Buttigieg (South Bend, Indiana) Senator Kamala Harris (California) Former Tech Executive Andrew Yang Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey) Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (Texas) Billionaire…


Nextdoor App Provokes Recall Debate 

Local users of social networking service Nextdoor flooded the app with posts regarding the petition to recall Santa Cruz City Council Members Drew Glover and Chris Krohn in recent months. What began as a small back-and-forth quickly snowballed into a debate over what content is…


Q&A With the CP/EVC 

As a labor economist and former undergraduate economics professor at UC Santa Cruz, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (CP/EVC) Lori Kletzer assumes her position eager to interact with students on a personal level. City on a Hill Press sat down with CP/EVC Kletzer on…


Sprinkler Floods Casa 2 

All residents of Stevenson College Casa 2 had to find a last-minute place to spend the night on Sunday. Students evacuated the building and gathered out front, where they met firefighters, campus security officers and a resident advisor. The firefighters barred students from entering the…


Houseless and at Risk 

Content warning: This article contains explicit references to sexual harassment and assault. We recognize these are difficult situations to read about. We decided to include the following personal experiences in an effort to reflect the severity of the experiences of many houseless women.  *Last name…