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11 Jul 2020

Striving to Reduce Food Waste 

You just got to the dining hall after a long day. You think you’re starving, so you pile on the pizza, vegan wings, fries, roasted veggies and mashed potatoes. You also make yourself a bowl of cereal, because why not? Thirty minutes later you’re carrying…

Other Stories

Transportation Transformation 

Pedestrian safety issues. Inefficient transportation methods. Unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. Santa Cruz County now has a plan to address these  problems. The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (SCCRTC) unanimously voted on Jan. 17 to widen parts of Highway 1 and construct a more efficient…


Houseless Report Critical Conditions 

Soaking wet clothes. No dry place to go. A good chance of contracting an infection or developing a rash. These are some of the realities the Santa Cruz houseless face this winter.  “We’re flooded under 18 inches of mud in some tents,” said Greg Bengtson,…


All Stocked Up With Nowhere To Go 

The Student Union Assembly (SUA) food pantry helped feed more than 1,200 students last month, going through 25-30 packages of food per night including sushi, burritos, salads, fruit cups and sandwiches. Despite the pantry’s recent success in supporting 450 more students compared to fall quarter,…


Distorting Asian American Identities 

Asian Americans, 27 percent of the UC Santa Cruz student body, are often viewed as model Americans — an idea partly rooted in anti-Blackness. This “model minority myth” ignores effects of structural racism on Asian American communities and demands perfection from Asian American students. High…


Spirit of the Game 

A special mixture of adrenaline, pride and nausea. This is my reward at the end of a three-hour ultimate Frisbee practice. The UC Santa Cruz women’s ultimate team, Sol, possesses a free-spirited culture unlike any other sport I’ve played and teaches me how to be…


UC Berkeley Lawsuit Backed by Trump Administration 

UC Berkeley (UCB) was recently sued by conservative organizations over alleged free speech violations, reigniting the debate over what separates hate speech from free speech. The Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth organization, and the UCB College Republicans filed the suit last year in response…


TPS Repeal Leaves Students Uncertain 

After over 16 years of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) renewals by the Republican Bush administration and the Democratic Obama administration, President Donald Trump’s administration announced that TPS will be coming to an end. The decision directly impacts students at UC Santa Cruz and other communities…