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11 Jul 2020
Arts & Culture

Narratives of Change 

Personal narratives express experiences with police brutality, Asian American stereotypes and environmental racism. Two people from different cultures come face to face at the border of the U.S. and Mexico. Rainbow Theater at UC Santa Cruz explored these narratives in its fall performances on Nov….


Lack of Funding for NCAA Teams 

After a long day of matches at a tournament in Los Angeles, members of the UC Santa Cruz men’s tennis team return to their hotel to relax. Well actually, they return to their former teammate’s house, which is where they’re staying in order to cut…

Arts & Culture

Words of Empowerment 

Rapper and activist Mona Haydar’s politically charged “Hijabi” music video screened on stage at the HOPE International Music Festival. Meanwhile, about 100 UC Santa Cruz students awaited performances exploring the origin of hip-hop and the double standards female artists face. The Oct. 6 festival, located…


Sexism in Silicon Valley & STEM 

At a time when the tech industry is advancing at remarkable rates, its progress on gender equality is doing exactly the opposite. Women make up only 18.2 percent of technology jobs across nine of the largest tech companies in the world. Not only are there…