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21 Jun 2021
Arts & Culture

‘We the Enemy’ 

Content warning: This article contains offensive language.  I walk into a dimly lit room and approach a video of a woman sporting a buzz cut and reciting homophobic slurs. Her facial expressions remain stiff and unphased as she delivers each insult. It feels as if…

Arts & Culture

Santa Cruz Tattoo’d 

Just 34 years ago, body art practices were illegal in Santa Cruz. Today, tattooing is a trend for a plethora of communities within Santa Cruz, from skaters to yoga moms and seemingly everyone in between.  “Santa Cruz Tattoo’d,” the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and…


Behind the Vape Cloud 

Every day I see friends taking hits anywhere from a dining hall to McHenry Library. My Snapchat feed is full of classmates blowing Os and doing french inhales. They take selfies while enjoying the sweet smell of the vapor that lingers in the air, but…

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