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09 Jul 2020

Repaying the Impossible Debt 

My Mother, the Care-Taker My 90-year-old abuelita’s cataracts gleam under the florescent kitchen light as she watches my mother, her caretaker, pour her a warm cup of milk. My mom has just finished her eight-hour shift at Keiro Nursing Home in Lincoln Heights, California, but…

Arts & Culture


A pair of attendees exchanged looks of discovery as they balanced on a teeter-totter. Jairo Banuelos’ interactive sculpture at the Irwin Scholars reception on May 25 demonstrated the balancing of self within a Chicanx identity. Like Banuelos, the other 11 recipients of the annual Irwin…

Arts & Culture

The Art The Blood The Cast 

Bloodshed, stripping, narco culture — and Shakespeare? “Marqués” unveils a one-of-a-kind experience by re-imagining “Macbeth,” an influential play that focuses on power, the supernatural, fate and time through the lens of narco culture — the phenomenon of a highly-organized identity within drug trafficking. The production,…

Arts & Culture

Gertrude’s Blues 

The “mother of the blues” stands on stage in what looks like a music studio. A trombone, bass, trumpet and piano reverberate throughout the theater as anguish flows from Ma Rainey’s voice in the form of a blues song. Love and lust, white managers’ exploitation…

Arts & Culture

Swimming the Swamp 

The usual crowd of animated Santa Cruzans, students and locals, dripped with sweat as they counted down the 30 minutes until Dr. Dog claimed the stage at The Catalyst on Jan. 31. Blue hues from LED lights decorated drummer Eric Slick’s drum kit, Zach Miller’s…

Arts & Culture

Radio’s Not Dead 

Long gone are the days when an aspiring artist can freak out over hearing their song played on the radio. The once intimate and sentimental relationship between the listener and the radio has been betrayed. Commercial radio is inundated with top 40 hits, where the…