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24 May 2020

Opening the Door on Student Housing West 

UC Santa Cruz College, Housing and Educational Services (CHES) has over $1 billion worth of problems and only $300 million with which to solve them. From Kresge College’s $170 million renovation, Crown College residence hall renovations and many others across campus — the problems aren’t…


‘Sanctuary’ Undefined 

The letters preluded the ICE arrests. They began arriving about five months ago, sending anxiety and confusion into the already uneasy undocumented Santa Cruz community, while sparking questions of what a sanctuary county promises. The public defender’s office has received 19 letters since the beginning…


Meet the New CP/EVC 

City on a Hill Press (CHP) spoke with Marlene Tromp, the new campus provost and executive vice chancellor (CP/EVC) at UC Santa Cruz. Previously, Tromp worked as a dean at Arizona State University [ASU] and a professor of both women’s studies and English at ASU…