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02 Dec 2022

UC Laborers Union Protest Pay Wage 

About 30 protesters representing the Teamsters Local 2010 union of over 14,000 UC clerical and administrative employees gathered in Quarry Plaza on Aug. 16, denouncing the two-month bargaining delay for a wage contract and demanding better salary and a secure pension. “[The UC] has tens of billions of dollars in reserve […] are their top administrators…


New Name Set for College Eight 

The new name of College Eight will be Rachel Carson College, and it wasn’t a courtship, but it started with a cup of coffee. “We met at the cafe right here,” Provost Ronnie Lipshutz said, gesturing to the courtyard by the College Eight cafe. “It was completely unplanned,…


UCSC Student Injured in Hit-and-Run 

At approximately 4:35 p.m. yesterday, a 21-year-old UCSC student was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Bay and High Streets. The driver of the vehicle, Juan Castillo, 33, fled the scene and was apprehended near Mission and Chestnut Streets. Castillo was arrested for…


Missing Meals 

Kendra Puckett sat in Classroom Unit 1 before her legal studies final in spring 2014. She was up all night studying for the 8 a.m. exam. So she skipped breakfast. “There was a person next to me eating a protein bar. I was like, ‘Wow…


UC Divests from South Africa 

Over 1,000 demonstrators occupied Hahn Student Services in May 1977, demanding the UC divest from South Africa, which was in the midst of legislated racial discrimination known as apartheid. Racial segregation and white supremacy weren’t new issues, but in 1948 when the predominantly white National…

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