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04 Dec 2020

Food For Thought 

UCSC Dining has steadily improved its composting process since 2008, but problems persist. Even with the help of a proposed on-campus resource recovery facility, UCSC Dining says the only way to achieve a waste-free campus by 2020 is with students’ help. When the College Nine/Ten…


Beneath The Ice 

Creatures Below Antarctic Sheet Incite Evolutionary and Extraterrestrial Questions Forty-four scientists woke up to another nightless day in Antarctica to collect water samples and temperatures in a hidden subglacial lake, as a part of a project that included various trips to the icy shelf over the span of four years….

Doctors Protest Lack of Funding 

The original version of this article included information that was unclear and has been edited. More information is at the bottom of the article. For the first time in 43 years,  the Union of American Physicians and Doctors, which represents doctors that work at UC student health…

The Cosmos Through Disciplines 

The UC Santa Cruz Institute for Humanities Research launched its first public event, “Questions That Matter: Making the Cosmos Local,” on Jan. 27. About 200 attendees listened to a dialogue between UCSC physics professor Anthony Aguirre and associate history professor Minghui Hu at the Kuumbwa…


Breathe In, Breathe Out 

Across campus students are stretching, twisting and leaning into poses that are not only physically challenging, but also mentally demanding. Yoga is on the upswing, and there is much more to it than cute headbands and the latest Lululemon leggings. “Yoga classes appeal to undergrads…

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