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09 Jul 2020

Regents Meeting Recap 

Although the 2018-19 academic year is drawing to a close, there are a multitude of problems UC Regents must address — from Title IX cases to labor union rights. Regents attempted to address these concerns at the fifth and final regents meeting of the academic…


Marlene Tromp to Leave UCSC 

After rumors surfaced in the last few months, Chancellor George Blumenthal confirmed Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (CP/EVC) Marlene Tromp will leave UC Santa Cruz. Tromp will assume the position of president at Boise State University.  In 2017, UCSC hired Tromp under a $350,000…


AFSCME 3299 Strikes for Labor Rights 

Four union strikes occurred in less than a year — but the April 10 strike was different. Rather than fighting for contractual rights, workers are fighting for rights against alleged unlawful labor practices the UC committed since the beginning of 2018. American Federation of State,…