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14 Jul 2020

City Council Members Talk Environment 

Coastal erosion. Creeping shorelines. Storm-induced flooding. Climate change is posing an immediate threat to the abundance of biodiversity in Santa Cruz. Climate change only continues to worsen. The three most recently elected City Council members all ran with environmental issues as part of their  platforms. …


Basic Needs Cafe Opens 

About 48 percent of UC undergraduates experience food insecurity, according to a 2016 UC-wide study. In an effort to combat food insecurity at UC Santa Cruz, food systems and dining leaders announced in May that the long-standing Cowell Coffee Shop would be transformed into Cowell…


Campus Seeks New Chancellor 

Since Chancellor George Blumenthal announced his year-end retirement, the UC Santa Cruz campus has been buzzing with the question of who could potentially fill the position. Leading the charge to find Blumenthal’s replacement is an advisory committee of 13 members. On Oct. 26, UC President…