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16 Jul 2020

A Guide to Voting Without a Fixed Address 

More and more states require a would-be voter to provide identification and an address, often excluding houseless populations. In California however, houseless people don’t need ID or even a fixed address to cast their ballot. With almost 2,000 houseless people in Santa Cruz, California regulation…


Housing Plan Hits New Roadblock 

Building new student housing on the UC Santa Cruz campus continues to be a moving target. The original plan called for 3,000 beds built on 20 acres, stretching from the Kresge parking lot to the Porter Dining Hall. An environmental impact statement reduced the total…


Standing up for their Rights 

Supporters of Planned Parenthood took over Pacific Avenue on Feb. 11 in a demonstration that drew hundreds in to a crowd that stretched three blocks long and several people deep. The rally in downtown Santa Cruz continued to grow. Many held pink signs reading “Stand…