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19 Sep 2020

Transforming the Tattoo Taboo 

Tattoos — whether you have them or not, odds are you have an opinion about them. The Santa Cruz Tattoo and Music Festival invited over 100 local and national tattoo artists to shake up the community’s perception of tattoos. The festival, organized by Tattoo Tour,…


Anti-Trump Protests on Inauguration Eve 

In Washington D.C the night before the inauguration, at least 1,500 protesters, organized by Refuse Fascism, gathered in front of the National Press Building, where the Deploraball was held. The Deploraball was named after a “basket of deplorables” — an insult to Trump supporters, coined…

Arts & Culture

The Same Old Story 

Sequels, prequels, reboots and spin-offs — from “Ghostbusters” to “Beauty and the Beast,” media franchises are at the forefront of the entertainment industry. Of the 10 top grossing films of 2016, eight of them were adaptions or reboots and there are currently 43 sequels, reboots…


The Student’s Dollar 

In the wake of UC Santa Cruz housing issues, shortened class times and layoffs in the athletic department, many students have expressed confusion over the current funding and budget allocations. To increase transparency over the budget and where the funding deficits lie, Executive Vice Chancellor…


The Path to Recovery 

Opening keynote speaker, clinician and recovery advocate Chris Paulson took the stage at the fifth annual California Unified Collegiate Recovery Conference to share his experiences of drug use as a college student at UC Santa Barbara. Paulson recalled his addiction as one driven by many…


Gliding to Victory 

Last spring, a group of UC Santa Cruz students walked, biked and drove around campus stapling flyers to bulletin boards. Some were friends, some were roommates, some acquaintances, but they all had one thing in common — they wanted to bring ice hockey to UCSC….


Recreational Marijuana for Adults 

California has the opportunity to join Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska by legalizing the adult use of recreational marijuana in the Nov. 8 election. If passed, California would be the most populated state to legalize marijuana. The proposition has unknown ramifications, which has caused confusion…