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09 Aug 2020

Academic Senate Meeting Highlights 

Committees presented on subjects ranging from faculty affairs to proposals to change class lengths and times — the most contentious agenda items of the day — during last week’s Academic Senate meeting at UC Santa Cruz. Chancellor George Blumenthal began the meeting by restating that…


Cantú Connection 

For UC Santa Cruz students Addie Salcedo and Geneva DeBlasi, a card game was all it took to spark a conversation that would eventually blossom into romance. This moment took place at an undergraduate mixer one year ago. “I always went to [the mixers to]…


Mapping the Future 

UC Santa Cruz fourth-year Madeleine Turner has worked hard to transform visions into actions since last August. With two new interns, who joined her this past fall, the team is crowdsourcing students’ ideas to form a comprehensive outline for campus-wide change — the Blueprint for…