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09 Jul 2020

‘The People’s University’ 

The UC graduate student-led cost of living adjustment (COLA) strikes have been equal parts protest and education. Strike University (SU), an educational space created to put pedagogy into practice, is taking that effort to the digital front.  “Once we began engaging in the strike action,…


Local Progressive Push Amid a National Divide 

Three years into his graduate physics program at UC Santa Cruz, Clayton Strawn, 25, didn’t think he would get involved in local politics. He just didn’t see it in his future. But, frustrated by Donald Trump’s administration and inspired by Bernie Sanders’ grassroots activism, Strawn…


A Guide to the 2020 Democratic Primaries 

There are eight weeks until Super Tuesday, March 3, the most important day of the presidential primary election. Fourteen states, including California for the first time, will vote. To prepare, read City on a Hill Press’s guide on the leading Democratic candidates’ views, policies and…


State Intervenes in County Cannabis Lawsuit 

The state of California is set to intervene in a lawsuit between Santa Cruz County and Salinas-based cannabis distribution company East of Eden Cannabis Co. The case will determine whether the state or county has greater authority in regulating cannabis distribution within Santa Cruz County….


Remembering Carol Freeman 

She was a writing instructor. A mentor. A pedagogical inspiration. But students, colleagues and friends just called her Carol. Carol Freeman, 75, died of an illness at her home on Oct. 21. Freeman laid the foundation for UC Santa Cruz’s writing program, served as Cowell…