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16 Oct 2021

Time to Shred the Blank Check 

In the days following 9/11, Congress voted to approve 60 words that would fuel the American war machine for years to come. The Office of the President has used these 60 words to justify drone strikes, black site detention and military occupation of other countries….


UC Ends Contract with Elsevier 

“[The] UC is the largest U.S. institution to walk away from a deal with Elsevier and the action could have a ripple effect across this country and around the world.” The UC terminated its contract with major scientific publisher Elsevier after months of negotiations, according…


UC Bargains for Open Access Journals 

Research publishing companies’ high fees can limit access to information. Now, a group of UC faculty is vying for a new contract with publisher mogul Elsevier to make UC research available to all. You’re working on a research project. You’re passionate, motivated. But every time…

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