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16 Jul 2020
Arts & Culture

Open Mic For All 

Bayanihan Activities, along with Alay, a print publication under Bayanihan, and Isang Himig, the a cappella group affiliated with Bayanihan, collaborated to create their Open Mic Night on Nov. 19. There were about 15 performances from a mix of duos, trios and solo artists. On…

Arts & Culture

For the Future 

Tucked away in the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum are three geodesic domes housing 16 species of drought tolerant plants. The domes loom over the other gardens and act as a visual contrast to the landscape. This Institute of the Arts and Sciences exhibition, “Future Garden…

Arts & Culture

No No Boy ‘1942’ Tour 

Colored videos and black and white photos flash on the projector screen behind the live performance of the duo No No Boy. The images reveal the faces of Vietnamese refugees and Japanese survivors of World War II internment camps. Guitarist Julian Saporiti and vocalist Erin…

Arts & Culture

Bringing Tradition to Life 

Over 100 painted faces walk along Pacific Avenue, some in bright dresses with hair full of orange marigolds. Fe Silva-Robles, program director for Senderos, carries a bowl of smoking copal, followed by banners, trumpets and drums. Their journey began on Nov. 3 at the Museum…


Environmental Policies to Watch 

In the upcoming election, voters will have the ability to impact the outcomes of several bills and programs affecting the state and country’s environmental policies moving forward. Here’s a breakdown of local and national bills and propositions and how the election could affect them. California’s…

Arts & Culture

Fighting for the Forest 

Behind a black curtain lies the Ecuadorian Amazon. The sounds of rustling trees and flowing rivers and a hue of emerald green fill the room. The Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery is transformed into a lush forest. The indigenous tribes who call this landscape home have…

Arts & Culture

Just be Yourself 

Everyone wants to be liked, but what if one’s fear of not having control over that leads to serious health effects? How does one regain the strength to find happiness and acceptance in themselves physically and mentally? For UC Santa Cruz third-year Maris Degener, the answer…