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29 May 2020

Final Referendum for NCAA Approved 

UC Office of the President and the UC Santa Cruz Chancellor’s Office approved a final student fee referendum to fund NCAA athletics. After a previously failed referendum in 2015 and a successful opinion poll in 2016, this is the program’s final chance to approve a…


Killing It 

Because UC Santa Cruz men’s volleyball has been so successful this season, the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) ranked it second in the country for DIII teams this week. The team started the season ranked sixth, despite being an independent team with the country’s smallest…


Slugs Slime Vassar 

With a limited number of matches to gain national rankings, every game matters. The Slugs needed to win to maintain their spot as the number six ranked team in the nation. Despite the bass bumping dance music, smiling faces and an appearance from Sammy the…


Laws Taking Effect in 2017 

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed 898 bills into law in 2016. The new changes will have an effect on both the individual and institutional level. Cell Phone Law As of Jan. 1, California motorists cannot hold their phone while driving for any reason. In 2008-09,…

Winter Sports Update 

Womens Basketball Women’s basketball faces a competitive schedule. They already played 10 games last month, double the average of other Division III teams, said head coach Todd Kent. Women’s basketball defeated Chapman University on Dec. 15. This marks the school’s first victory against Chapman on…


A Tribute to Black Lives 

Members of African/Black Student Alliance (A/BSA) gathered in Quarry Plaza to bring awareness to the mass police violence affecting the nation on Nov. 4. Around 40 students took turns lying on the ground atop construction paper cutouts lined with chalk outlines with the names of…


Q&A with City Council Candidates 

City on a Hill Press hosted a forum for Santa Cruz City Council candidates at the Student Media Center to discuss university expansion, police accountability, housing and other issues affecting UC Santa Cruz students. Special thanks to Banana Slug News for filming the candidate’s answers….


Student Voting Rights Act Passes 

After a year-long attempt to pass the Student Voting Rights Act, which could register over 2.5 million students, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB-2455 into law on Sept. 21. California has at least 6.5 million eligible, unregistered voters, and the law intends to bolster the state’s…


The Clinton Disconnect 

Growing up, Hillary Clinton inspired me. I loved the former first lady who defied traditions by running for public office and becoming a serious contender for the first female president. I admired her moderate ideology and willingness to cross party lines in a highly polarized…