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24 May 2020

UAW Members Challenge Leadership 

The needs of 18,000 people were decided by a fraction thereof when a September vote for the United Auto Workers Local 2865 (UAW 2865) labor contract saw low turnout. The vote ratified a four-year contract for teaching assistants and student workers at the UC that…

Kresge’s New Look Ready for Review 

Kresge College, shadowed by redwoods and most accessible by pedestrian bridge, is slated for renovation in fall of 2021. What many remember as an isolated hillside town will adapt to a bustling pedestrian highway once the project is finished. The Kresge Renovation Project released its…


AFSCME 3299 Back in Action 

For the second time in a little over five months, AFSCME 3299 members went on strike. This time, however, it’s not from the absence of a contract, but receiving one they did not ask for. Earlier this month, the university imposed contract parameters on patient…


SUR Hosts Measure M Teach-In 

What does it say about a city when the price of the average rental has increased 23.5 percent since last year? To Bradley Jin, UC Santa Cruz fourth-year and researcher with the No Place Like Home (NPLH) project, it means the Santa Cruz community is…