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22 Oct 2020

‘Si Se Puede’ 

Tatanka Bricca was ready to go to jail before he met her in 1969. A recent college graduate, Bricca was working as a third-grade teacher in East Los Angeles when he decided to return his draft card for the Vietnam war. In Northern California, ready…

Arts & Culture

Midnight Mayhem 

This weekend, a line of people will spill down Pacific Avenue. It’ll start under the marquee of the Del Mar Theater, with folks dressed in fishnets and corsets ready for two hours of expression without constraints. In the plush theater seats, they’ll call Brad an…

Arts & Culture

Growing Pains 

When Earl hops on stage like he did May 13 at the Catalyst, the audience looks to him like a prophet. A crowd, made up mostly of teenage boys, hangs on his every word. They move when Earl asks, fall silent when he calls for…

Arts & Culture

Los Jóvenes Navegantes 

  Ditching capes in favor of white ruffled tuxedo shirts and black bowties, the members of Chicano Batman delivered their eclectic mix of Brazilian Tropicalismo, cumbia and ‘70s soul below purple lights on the small stage inside Moe’s Alley on April 5. The space was…