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26 May 2020

Separation from the Political Sphere 

The democratic arena has lost a vital sense of excitement. The level of commitment and connection that compelled citizens to elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt to four consecutive terms is now unimaginable. Even the buzz around Barack Obama in 2008, which led to the highest national…


Restrictions for Downtown Performers Revised 

Public protest poured into the email inboxes of City Council members after the Great Morgani retired this year. Known for his eye-popping costumes and accordion-playing on Pacific Avenue, the Great Morgani stopped performing after a City Council decision last year made street performing restrictions more…


Pilot Program Drug to Curb Heroin Use 

Santa Cruz has long faced problems with prevalent drug use. Not only has the city become a hub for black tar heroin, but alcohol is also an ever-present issue. Despite an allowed amount of 102 alcohol outlets, there are currently 249 alcohol-serving establishments in the city, according to the city’s Public Citizen Safety Task Force 2013 report.