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30 May 2020

From Forest to Ice 

For five fast-paced days, graduate students and professors conducted research in the deep-field of Antarctica. While cold winds swept over them, on-site researchers drew samples from a lake buried 800 meters beneath the ice. This research is the culmination of four years of work by students, faculty and staff working in the icy barrens of Antarctica and the wooded hills of UC Santa Cruz.

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Linguistics Professors Parse Language 

UCSC linguistics professors Matthew Wagers and Sandra Chung prepare to research sentence structure comprehension, using a $300,000 grant they recently received from the National Science Foundation. In a Q&A session CHP sat down with the professors to discuss psychological processes of language comprehension and the richness neglected in less-recognized languages.

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Campus Voice: CARe 

As this student-run organization prepares for a full-scale free health clinic on March 2, 2013 it uses data to intelligently widen its umbrella of coverage to the homeless, low-income and otherwise disparate peoples outside of Santa Cruz County.

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Health Care at Stake 

On Wednesday, Feb. 13, over 100 faculty, students and staff gathered on the sidewalk to protest proposed increases to the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), an insurance program provided for the faculty, students and staff of University of California.

Illustration by Caetano Santos
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In the Spirit of Swabbing 

Student charity is exemplified in this year’s Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive, as team of 96 volunteers work to put on the event. In coordination with the largest bone marrow donation center in the world students gather interest and register themselves in the event.