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01 Oct 2020
Arts & Culture

Fashion Without Bounds 

The term queer is somewhat of an aporetic expression, because instead of describing something, it describes an infinite somethings and the space in between. It’s a word enriched by its refusal to subscribe to one meaning and its commitment to embrace many. The annual Queer…

Arts & Culture

Inspired by a Community of Youth 

Minutes after Tahitian dance trio People of the Islands brought staff and students on stage to learn the ‘ote’a, and shortly before the final carne asada taco was eaten, the confident and strikingly prepared high schoolers from Durham, North Carolina took the stage in the packed Stevenson Event Center.

Arts & Culture

Puzzle Piece Ensemble Ushers in Spring 

For the past several months, musicians and performers around the country practiced multi-member compositions alone. But now that it’s April, the individual parts are harmonizing, and the musicians are ready to premiere the compositions to each other and to audience members of UC Santa Cruz’s 396-seat Music Center Recital Hall for the annual April in Santa Cruz Contemporary Music Festival.

Arts & Culture

AATAT Season Premieres 

In an intricate scene, one of the three Lorraine Hansberrys sits at her typewriter while the cast, including the two other Lorraine Hansberrys, stand behind her and act out her cluttered mind during writer’s block. To say this production is complex is an understatement. “This…