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12 Jun 2021

Update on River Street Encampment 

The City of Santa Cruz has restricted public access to the new temporary houseless encampment at 1220 River St. in the two weeks since its opening. Both news media and houseless advocates have been turned away from the camp and denied the opportunity to speak…


City Closes Houseless Camps 

The City of Santa Cruz closed down the houseless encampment in the benchlands of San Lorenzo Park Wednesday, dispatching park rangers and Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) officers to help take down tents. Houseless residents were given notice to vacate the area, and encouraged to…


Pro-Gun Talk Canceled 

UC Santa Cruz College Republicans (CR) and Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) canceled a private speaking event for the two clubs Tuesday after the event was leaked to the public through a flurry of Facebook posts. The event would have featured Larry Pratt, executive director…


The Many Faces of Capstone 

In their efforts to manage the costs of meeting the demand for housing, UCSC administrators may have entered into contractual negotiations with Capstone Development without a full picture of its past as a company. UCSC selected Capstone Development to take part in a public–private partnership…

Other Stories

March on the Dining Hall 

About 60 students and unionized workers gathered in front of the Cowell/Stevenson dining hall Feb. 1 to picket for a fair labor contract with UC administration. Demands included wages consistent with the high cost of local living and retirement benefits for unionized employees befitting their…


City Plans to Relocate Houseless 

The city of Santa Cruz will pursue a different plan to address houselessness after backing out of a plan to construct a public storage center for the houseless community. The gravel lot ringed by barbed wire fence at 1220 River St., formerly slated for the…


Counties Prepare for Cannabis 

California will undergo sweeping legal changes come Jan. 1 to join Colorado, Washington and Oregon among the ranks of states embracing regulation and taxation of recreational cannabis. While many of California’s 58 counties are scrambling to adapt their local ordinances to Proposition 64, which fully…


Bear Fire Continues 

While about 11,000 emergency responders from throughout California and several other states are battling to contain firestorms devastating Northern California, Santa Cruz County is facing a fire of its own. The Santa Cruz County fire, known as Bear Fire, is burning near Boulder Creek, 19…

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