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02 Dec 2022

Potential ICE Raids in Northern Calif. 

Immigrations Custom Enforcement (ICE) is planning raids sweeping Northern California in the coming weeks to arrest 1,500 undocumented people, according to a Jan. 16 report from the San Francisco Chronicle. “We are not able to speculate about future enforcement actions,” said San Francisco ICE spokesman…


End the Trend 

No person should feel unsafe at school. No person should feel unsafe at their place of worship. No person should feel unsafe attending a concert. I’ve wanted gun reform since before I could vote, when a student at my high school in Central Oregon took…


The Race To Be Governor 

California State Treasurer John Chiang visited Santa Cruz during his gubernatorial campaign tour last week.  He is one of the top four Democratic candidates running for governor in 2018. The California governor is the elected chief executive officer of the state and is elected every…

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