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11 Jul 2020

Sunrise Joins Climate Walkout 

Just days after a U.N. Climate Action Summit saw world leaders fail to meet the urgency of a hotter globe, over 200 UC Santa Cruz students joined thousands of residents from across Santa Cruz County in an afternoon-long strike, march and protest against climate apathy. …

Arts & Culture

Return of the Bling 

You won’t find condom crowns, two stripteases and a pack of undead beasts in the pages of J.R.R. Tolkien. But at the Queer Fashion Show (QFS) — themed “fantasy” this year — limbs and lyrics collided in a celebration of all things provocative and bizarre. …

Arts & Culture

‘WET: A DACAmented Journey’ 

Observers often describe the “DACA debacle” as political football. Many are content to sit back and spectate heartless immigration politics from afar. But in “WET: A DACAmented Journey,” actor Alex Alpharaoh calls audiences down from the nosebleeds and into the action. Telling the true story…


Students Propose Stevenson Name Change 

Stevenson College might get a rebranding.  About 15 UC Santa Cruz students met at Stevenson Event Center on April 22 to discuss a proposed name change to Stevenson College. In lieu of its original namesake — mid-century Democratic politician Adlai Stevenson II — supporters want…


University House to be Rebuilt 

After over three years of vacancy, the UC Santa Cruz University House and Event Center — home and hosting-space of sitting chancellors since 1967 — will be demolished by UCSC. In its place, the administration plans to build a new, larger facility to be completed…