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05 Jul 2020
Arts & Culture

50 Years of Mountain Biking 

From mountain bikes dating as far back as the 1970s to educational and interactive hands-on activities for kids, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) had it all when it unveiled “Trailblazers: The Creative Story Behind Mountain Biking in Santa Cruz” on Feb….

Arts & Culture

‘We the Enemy’ 

Content warning: This article contains offensive language.  I walk into a dimly lit room and approach a video of a woman sporting a buzz cut and reciting homophobic slurs. Her facial expressions remain stiff and unphased as she delivers each insult. It feels as if…

Arts & Culture

Santa Cruz Tattoo’d 

Just 34 years ago, body art practices were illegal in Santa Cruz. Today, tattooing is a trend for a plethora of communities within Santa Cruz, from skaters to yoga moms and seemingly everyone in between.  “Santa Cruz Tattoo’d,” the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and…