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24 May 2020
Arts & Culture

The Universal Language of Dance 

Dance is a transmutation of energy. It’s a release of pain and anxiety through the catharsis of movement. UC Santa Cruz hip-hop dance troupe Haluan presented “En Route Showcase,” providing dancers space to demonstrate the vulnerability of humanity while celebrating the beauty of art and…

Arts & Culture

The Authorship of Receivership 

How do you name an art show featuring multimedia works from 13 different artists, each with their own theme and message? I found the answer at the Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) program’s most recent  exhibition. “Receivership” is the Master of Fine Arts exhibition…

Arts & Culture

‘WET: A DACAmented Journey’ 

Observers often describe the “DACA debacle” as political football. Many are content to sit back and spectate heartless immigration politics from afar. But in “WET: A DACAmented Journey,” actor Alex Alpharaoh calls audiences down from the nosebleeds and into the action. Telling the true story…

Arts & Culture

Archives Revisit ’60s Art 

Fluxkits, posters for happenings and photos of a Thor-inspired production of “Julius Caesar.” You can find all of these at “Education and the Avant Garde: How Fluxus Artists Shaped the Arts at UC Santa  Cruz.”  Fluxus artists challenge the conventional definition of art. Their work…

Arts & Culture

‘Journey Through India’ a Success 

Bollywood may be well known, but it only scratches the surface of Indian culture. On April 20, hundreds gathered to watch the Indian Student Association’s (ISA) 19th annual culture show, “Journey Through India.” The show featured dances, vocal performances and stand-up comedy.  “Through this show,…