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25 Nov 2020
Arts & Culture

Blocking the Road Home 

For some animals who call the U.S.-Mexico borderlands home, habitat destruction and displacement threaten the continuation of their species. The raising of a wall across the entire U.S.-Mexico border could be the straw to break the camel’s back — or in this case the Mexican…

Arts & Culture

Written into the Code 

Google engineers don’t take sociology courses. And yet —  with search engines guiding our every decision — they’re shaping society behind closed doors. Safiya U. Noble, associate professor of Information and African American Studies at UC Los Angeles, is trying to unveil the bias behind…

Arts & Culture

The Queens of ‘Crowns’ 

Their beauty and countenance commands respect. The ladies of the church, these hat queens adorn themselves as their ancestors did, their headpieces so ornate they may even catch God’s eye.  On select dates between Feb. 22 and March 3, UC Santa Cruz’s African American Theater…

Arts & Culture


Drums pound like heartbeats throughout the powwow. Dancers echo the movements of their ancestors, twirling to ensure the constant flutter of their tribal regalia. The tinkle of sequins and the rustling of dyed fabrics mix with the hum of happy conversation.  On Feb. 2 Bay…

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