Creations from the Sea and Shore

From handmade jewelry made of polished sea glass to kaleidoscopes displaying sea shells, the Santa Cruz Sea Glass and Ocean Art Festival featured a variety of artists and their ocean-inspired work.

Through Our Pens

As much fun as it is to use Halloween as an excuse to binge on candy and dress outrageously, I’ve always been a big fan of the creepier side as well. As my way of honoring this, I spent some time asking students around campus what kinds of things scare them.

‘The Normal Heart’ Historicizes AIDS Crisis

This November, students can learn more about the history and struggle for gay rights in UC Santa Cruz’s live theater performance “The Normal Heart,” showing Nov. 1-10 in the experimental theater.

Rainbow Theater Celebrates 20 Years of Culturally Diverse Performances

After two decades of thematic, multicultural productions, Rainbow Theater will celebrate its highly anticipated 20th anniversary. Student organizers and performers have eagerly prepared to make this year worthwhile.

Halloweenworld Holiday Celebration Slated for Rio Theatre

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing how to celebrate during the spooky holiday season. While going to a costume party, watching a horror flick indoors and trick-or-treating are all beloved Halloween activities, the Rio Theatre’s Halloweenworld “Come As You Aren’t” festival offers an array of these activities all under one roof.

Through Our Pens

Through Our Pens and Through Our Lens provides an opportunity for illustrators and photographers to showcase their work with an emphasis on their personal interests.

Pacific Rim Celebrates International Cultures

Students will be able to explore the vast cultures and lands of Asia, from China to the Philippines, all from the comforts of Santa Cruz in celebration of the Pacific Rim Film Festival’s 25th year in Santa Cruz.

Versa-Style Performance Inspires

Passion ignited from the stage and into the heart and soul of each audience member during dance ensemble Versa-Style’s performance at the Stevenson Event Center on Oct. 12.

Annual Art Tour Kicks Off in Santa Cruz

The 28th annual Open Studios Art Tour began its first of three weekend-long exhibitions in Santa Cruz on Oct. 5.

Wharf’s Long History Sparks Communal Interest and Celebration

The Museum of Art and History (MAH) will partner up with the Santa Cruz Wharf in celebration of its 100th year anniversary, kicking off the centennial season with a community-interactive “pop up museum” beginning Oct. 12.