Monday, December 9, 2019

Archives Revisit ’60s Art

Cases in the Special Collections and Archives section of the McHenry Library display Fluxus art projects. Illustration by Darin Connolly.

‘Journey Through India’ a Success

All performing members of “Journey Through India” appear onstage at the conclusion of the show. Photo by Alex Dodd.

Room for Tradition, Room for Change

An a cappella rendition of “The Other” by singer-songwriter Lauv fills the air. Clappers beat the ground with bamboo sticks while dancers...

‘Memoirs of a Banana Girl’: A Conversation with artist Lizzy Choi

Photos by Josephine Joliff. Artist Lizzy Choi previously worked for the illustration desk at City on a Hill...

Stephanie Syjuco Talks Image Distortion

Syjuco began her presentation with a childhood photo of her and her mom. Photos by Josephine Joliff.

Blocking the Road Home

For some animals who call the U.S.-Mexico borderlands home, habitat destruction and displacement threaten the continuation of their species. The raising of...

Written into the Code

Illustration by Franky Olivares. Google engineers don’t take sociology courses. And yet —  with search engines guiding...

Behind the Scenes: Planning Random

Photo by Lluvia Moreno There’s an empty bathtub. A chalkboard. Dissonant chords whir and dancers sway like seaweed...