A Guide to Voting Without a Fixed Address

More and more states require a would-be voter to provide identification and an address, often excluding houseless populations. In California however, houseless people don’t...

UC Laborers Union Protest Pay Wage

About 30 protesters representing the Teamsters Local 2010 union of over 14,000 UC clerical and administrative employees gathered in Quarry Plaza on Aug. 16, denouncing the two-month bargaining delay for a...

Garden Gates Open To All

On Oct. 2, the Arboretum at UCSC hosted its Community Day, a monthly event during which entry into the garden was free of charge. The day aims to give the entire public the opportunity to the enjoy the Arboretum’s grand variety of plants and trees.

Public Comment Highlights From UC Regents Meeting

The UC Board of Regents meetings were held Nov. 14-16 at the UC San Francisco Mission Bay Conference Center. Public comments were heard Wednesday...

Looking to the Future, Recalling the Past

The Temptations are blasting from an eight-track and a raised, black fist is painted on the wall. It’s 1967 in Detroit, Michigan and Motown...

SUA Prepares for Election

Challenges have faced UCSC’s Student Union Assembly elections in the past, but initiatives to change campaigning for the better are currently in action.

A Safe Place to Discuss Safe Sex

An exploration of college, sex, and how to go about protecting one’s self if sexually active. UCSC’s Student Health Outreach and Promotion (SHOP) provides tremendous amount and quality of resources and information for those curious about gaining optimal sexual experiences in college.

Donation Strengthens Screenwriting Program

UC Santa Cruz alumnus and Emmy Award-winning producer Ken Corday has donated to the arts division to strengthen the screenwriting program by establishing the...

Heritage Honored at African Cultural Show

In a search for his identity, Rasheed Shabazz chose his own name ­— since then, he said, he has never felt more himself. This is...

The Art and Science of Juggling

A juggler unicycled and tossed clubs to a partner, while a circle of people balanced balls on their heads. An artist rolled a staff...