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09 Jul 2020

Campus Referenda Voting Guide 2020 

Campus elections are open until 11:59 p.m. May 20. Measure 74 — Sustainability Office Fee Amendment Students voted to fund the Sustainability Office in 2010 under Measure 45, which is scheduled to sunset in 2020. Measure 74 would extend this date to 2030. Funding for…


‘The People’s University’ 

The UC graduate student-led cost of living adjustment (COLA) strikes have been equal parts protest and education. Strike University (SU), an educational space created to put pedagogy into practice, is taking that effort to the digital front.  “Once we began engaging in the strike action,…


Wildcat Strikers Seek Union Support 

The UC Santa Cruz graduate student wildcat strike had just seen its fifth week of picketing when UCSC decided to adopt remote instruction.  Rather than viewing the pandemic as a reason to stop the strike, many organizers feel their movement for a cost of living…