SUA Food Pantry Resumes Operation

After a four-month hiatus, the Student Union Assembly (SUA) Food Pantry reopened with 11 new paid positions and a food recovery pilot program through...

Gertrude’s Blues

The “mother of the blues” stands on stage in what looks like a music studio. A trombone, bass, trumpet and piano reverberate throughout the...

Crown Pit Off the Table

There was plenty of cake to go around at the Redwood Building last week. The tenants weren’t celebrating the end of winter quarter, but rather...

Activism Under a New Administration

 Professor Emerita Angela Davis, CNN political commentator Van Jones and social activist and co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter Alicia Garza are a few of the past...

Lending a Hand Across Campus

Student Ambassadors, through the Campus police department and funded through the parent fund, will be offering nighttime escort services for students on campus from Monday through Friday.

Reimagining Change Through Activism

Afrikan Black Coalition brings their annual conference back to UCSC, its birthplace, after 11 years. Students from all the UCs and other universities will delve into the theme of “Re-imaging Black Activism” to address inequities in their community

New Calif. Budget Pushes for Greater Enrollment at State Universities

The public higher education systems in California will see significant funding increases next year according to the new state budget, but only with the...

Building Blocks

The UC Santa Cruz housing office has worked for 18 months on in-depth West Campus housing plans to make sure the university’s future doesn’t...

AFSCME and WSSC Rally for Contract

Photo by Thomas Sawano In a Valentine’s Day show of force, about five university workers and 32 students...

César Chávez’s Legacy Inspires Chican@ and Latin@ Youth

About halfway through his keynote address, César Cruz placed a plastic bag over his head and sniffed an open bottle of Elmer’s glue in front of a crowd of 200 people.