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19 Oct 2020

GABRIELA Comes to Santa Cruz 

When her husband Diego was assassinated, Gabriela Silang took up his role as leader of the revolutionary movement resisting Spanish colonialism in the Philippines. She became an icon in Pilipinx culture, representing the strength of women and the fight for women’s liberation.  In the Philippines today,…


Graduate Students On Strike 

Graduate students at UC Santa Cruz have had enough. After two months on a grading strike with no action beyond dialogue from the university administration, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) voted to initiate a full teaching strike beginning Feb. 10. The picket drew several hundred…


711 Empty Beds on Campus 

*Pseudonym used at source’s request. It was fall 2019, and on the fifth floor of Building A at Merrill College second-year Archer Willems and his friends decided to turn the empty quintuple room down their hall into the lounge it once was a decade ago. …