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05 Aug 2021
At the top of the steps are two people holding a book and vegetables, representing agroecology and food systems education.

Panelists Talk Food Systems Education 

Innovation. Privilege. Collaboration. Capitalism. Legacy. These are just a few of the 400 words that were submitted when attendees were asked what came to mind when they heard the term “food systems.”  In a conversation about innovation and equity in food systems education, panelists from…

A person in the History of Consciousness department moving out of their office.

Hiscon Minor On Pause 

When third-year Lucy Dasilva learned her minor was suspended, she was overwhelmed with unanswered questions. Could she still take the courses she was hoping to? Would this impact her graduation plans? Why was the History of Consciousness (HisCon) minor suspended in the first place? “I…

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