Re-Pledging My Love For Greek Life

Students who frequent UCSC’s Quarry Plaza understand that the first week of the quarter is a game of Minesweeper for those actively trying to avoid contact with UCSC’s Greek letter organizations (GLOs). As a member of a women’s fraternity — a proud sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma — I’ve certainly had my hang-ups about joining a system with such a mysterious and elusive past. If you ask any student at UCSC about GLOs, most of them will murmur something vague about a “koi pond incident” — but nobody seems to know the facts.

Protesting 99 Years of Denial

With their mouths covered by red tape, the students lowered themselves to the ground and formed a circle of bodies in the middle of...

The Bridge Between Recreation and Wilderness

When Mark McCarroll isn’t overseeing the hundreds of activities the UC Santa Cruz recreation department offers, he might be telling stories from when he backpacked around the world or mountain biked through the Santa Cruz terrain.

A Look at the Numbers: UCSC Admissions Fall 2014

While admission rates for the Class of 2018 fell UC-wide, the number of applications and admitted students rose at UC Santa Cruz this year. UCSC offered admission to 4,473 more students than last year, and the overall admission rate grew by 8.3 percent.

Past and Present SOMeCA Students Reflect

“Wherever SOMeCA alumni go, we bring a sense of openness and principle and a dedication to dialogue in the true sense of the word,” Sayo Fujioka said to all of the alumni and students in the room. “That is, we exchange ideas with an openness and looking forward to emerging change in a different direction, and that’s rare, and we all do it wherever we go.”

‘Launch!’ Showcases Student Research

Faculty, staff and students welcomed former slugs back to campus in the best way they knew how: by showcasing the research of current students.

Dancing, Dissecting and DNA

A long conga line of people formed the double-human helix dance in the Physical Sciences Building to commemorate UC Santa Cruz’s third annual DNA Day.

Student Union Assembly Elections 2014: Candidate Q&A

The Student Union Assembly (SUA) is UC Santa Cruz’s undergraduate student government, which was responsible for a budget of roughly $430,000 this year. The SUA includes six officer positions, three representatives from each of the 10 colleges and representatives from Queer Student Union, African/Black Student Alliance, Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance, Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán, Student Alliance of North American Indians and Ethnic Student Organization Council, which is currently inactive.

SUA Officers Reflect One Year Later

As the new Student Union Assembly (SUA) campaigning season begins, City on a Hill Press (CHP) asked the current SUA officers to assess themselves and what they accomplished this year. Using their answers to last spring’s interview questions from CHP, the officers reflected on how their original goals came to fruition.

Voter Security Increased for SUA Elections

During the spring 2013 elections, six students came forward to assistant Dean of Students Lucy Rojas, who also oversees campus elections, to complain of an inability to access the referenda and cast ballots. Denied login capability, the students were met by digital notices stating their ballots had already been submitted.