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05 Jul 2020

Recall Spearheaded by Outside Forces 

Santa Cruz United (SCU) began its recall campaign in May 2019. Organizers marketed themselves as a grassroots campaign with the intention of removing City Council members Chris Krohn and Drew Glover from office. SCU grounded its campaign on the claims that Krohn and Glover created an…


Local Progressive Push Amid a National Divide 

Three years into his graduate physics program at UC Santa Cruz, Clayton Strawn, 25, didn’t think he would get involved in local politics. He just didn’t see it in his future. But, frustrated by Donald Trump’s administration and inspired by Bernie Sanders’ grassroots activism, Strawn…


Another Generation Cometh 

You’ve heard the stories about the bakeries who won’t cater gay weddings, about conversion therapy and the pickets outside abortion clinics. To many Americans, LGBTQIA+ rights and religion are like oil and water, destined to disassociate by holy texts written in the age of Philistines…


Federal Judge Halts Ross Camp Closure 

Content warning: This article contains reference to sexual assault and violence.  Many Ross Camp residents questioned the  future of their living situation the afternoon of April 23 as they prepared to vacate the encampment under orders from the city.  Some asked another question — did…