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04 Dec 2020

Restrictions for Downtown Performers Revised 

Public protest poured into the email inboxes of City Council members after the Great Morgani retired this year. Known for his eye-popping costumes and accordion-playing on Pacific Avenue, the Great Morgani stopped performing after a City Council decision last year made street performing restrictions more…


Limiting Money, Reforming Elections 

Santa Cruz City Council candidates have historically fought for votes by amassing support through campaign contributions, using money as their key into the council. New campaign finance reform legislation may change that, setting all candidates on an equal monetary playing-field. Over 50 people gathered to…


Pilot Program Drug to Curb Heroin Use 

Santa Cruz has long faced problems with prevalent drug use. Not only has the city become a hub for black tar heroin, but alcohol is also an ever-present issue. Despite an allowed amount of 102 alcohol outlets, there are currently 249 alcohol-serving establishments in the city, according to the city’s Public Citizen Safety Task Force 2013 report.


On the Heels of Change 

At the age of 19, Ann Simonton was walking through a park in New York City to get to a modeling assignment when she was sexually assaulted at knifepoint. As she reflected on her traumatic experience, she knew she wanted to make sure that what…


From Soup to Solutions 

Over a bowl of soup, Santa Cruz County residents considered their own role in addressing houselessness, while donating funds toward the Homeless Service Center’s efforts to provide the houseless with homes. The Homeless Services Center (HSC) held its 15th annual Soupline Supper on Thursday at…

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