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18 Jun 2021

Riding to Fight AIDS 

More than 200 cyclists will ride along the coast through Aptos, Santa Cruz and Watsonville to raise money to fight AIDS for the 14th annual Surf City AIDS Ride this Sunday. The 100 mile ride is the largest contributor to the Santa Cruz AIDS Project.


Marching Proudly Down Pacific 

The grey color of the sidewalks slowly as people crowded to watch marchers paint Pacific Avenue with every color of the rainbow. Whether it was the rumbling of the Dykes on Bykes’ motorcycles or the chanting of the gender neutral Cheer San Francisco, the crowd of…


Stuck in the Waiting Room 

It can take a lot of courage for someone struggling with addiction to seek help. After much contemplation, when people make the choice to walk through the doors of Janus Community Clinic, they may be unpleasantly surprised to be put on a waiting list or denied treatment altogether.

“Depending on the time of year and how short we are on funding, [the wait list] can range from 30 to 90 days,” said Janus data analyst Lorraine Shuler.

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