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29 Oct 2020

Another Generation Cometh 

You’ve heard the stories about the bakeries who won’t cater gay weddings, about conversion therapy and the pickets outside abortion clinics. To many Americans, LGBTQIA+ rights and religion are like oil and water, destined to disassociate by holy texts written in the age of Philistines…


Federal Judge Halts Ross Camp Closure 

Content warning: This article contains reference to sexual assault and violence.  Many Ross Camp residents questioned the  future of their living situation the afternoon of April 23 as they prepared to vacate the encampment under orders from the city.  Some asked another question — did…


Gateway Plaza Camp to Remain Open for Now 

After over a month of flip-flopping on what to do with the houseless encampment behind Gateway Plaza, sometimes called the Ross encampment, the Santa Cruz City Council rejected a plan to close the camp. Council members Cynthia Mathews and Donna Meyers and Mayor Martine Watkins…


Funding Arrives for Houseless Youth 

Zero houseless youth by 2022. That is Santa Cruz County’s goal.  But almost two years have passed since the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded funds in 2017 to help the county reach its goal. Due to a complex approval process, nonprofits…

A Tale of Two Cities 

In Jordan Peele’s horror movie “Us,” Adelaide Wilson confronted a darker side of herself. As the setting for the film, Santa Cruz had to do the same. Filming “Us” brought over $1 million to Santa Cruz’s economy, said Christina Glynn, communications director for Visit Santa…


District 29 Democratic Elections 

Local Democrats voting in an election to select the area’s delegates to the Democratic State Convention arrived to the event early in the morning, many still yawning and sipping coffee while they mingled outside with friends and candidates.  Party organizers held the Assembly District Election…