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26 Nov 2020

Big Money in Small Races 

The Supreme Court rendered limits on individual campaign contributions unconstitutional in Citizens United eight years ago, and the effects are being felt today at the local level in Santa  Cruz.  While conversations about political spending largely focus on national and state races, the influence of…


Environmental Policies to Watch 

In the upcoming election, voters will have the ability to impact the outcomes of several bills and programs affecting the state and country’s environmental policies moving forward. Here’s a breakdown of local and national bills and propositions and how the election could affect them. California’s…


Guide to State Ballot Measures 

California’s voters will be asked to vote yes or no on 11 state propositions come Nov. 6. We researched all 11 measures — here’s our breakdown. Proposition 1 — Bonds for Government Housing Assistance Programs A “yes” vote would authorize $4 billion in state bonds…


Rallying for Housing Security 

People caught in Santa Cruz traffic received an urgent reminder to vote in favor of housing justice legislation as a Students United with Renters (SUR) rally unfolded at the Bay and Mission intersection on Oct. 11. Their chants of “Fight, fight, fight! Housing is a…


All Aboard the Peace Train 

In front of a nondescript storefront in Winslow, Arizona, prominent Santa Cruz community activist Curtis Reliford was approached by two boys in search of spare change. After taking one look at the boys, Reliford decided he could do them one better by locating new shoes…


Measure O Amended by Council Motion 

In a quiet and sparsely attended afternoon session on Sept. 25, Santa Cruz City Council made a motion to dramatically amend the text of Measure O — the affordable housing mandate for newly constructed housing units within the city of Santa Cruz. “It was a…

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